Commission a Painted Pin-Up Portraitadmin

John Gladman is a professional Master Photographer and Artist. He is not a digital photographer. He is a Portrait Photographic Artist. His gallery is of brick and mortar, and the wall you will hang the print on that he creates, is not on a Facebook wall, but the one in your home. John’s product he produces is an actual print… something you can hold in your hands with some substance. It’s not a digital file that will live in your computer. It will live on your wall! It will be seen and enjoyed by you every day… for generations.

He photographs people of all ages, in groups or individual, and creates a piece of art we call Painted Photography. Portrait Art Prints are printed on archival paper of 100 years,  are delivered framed and ready to hang, and start at 30″.  John’s philosophy is wrapped up in the Portrait. It’s not simply a photograph. It’s a piece of art. It’s not just something to take up wall space. It’s a memory. It’s a moment in time. It’s a creation for you, kicked up and transformed into art. It’s a keepsake, to be fought over by your kids when you pass this life.

John’s philosophy on photography is old school. It really hasn’t changed much in the 30+ years he has been at this. It’s all about the Print. That’s where it’s at! So, for this reason, if you’re looking for digital prints or a disc of images, then Johnny isn’t your guy. If you’re seeking an experience, a lasting keepsake, and a lifetime archival print, then by all means give us a shout and schedule your free consultation. Sessions are $450. Images start at $200. Ask about our specials! Thank you for stopping by!