The Story of Bombshelladmin
John Gladman, knew he wanted to be a photographer when he earned his photography badge as a young lad in Boy Scouts! To young Johnny, there was no question. During his high school years, he worked for the photography studio that he eventually ended up owning as his first studio. This was at age 22 and he has never been without his own studio since. Having a studio space is sharing a piece of himself with others.
John & Carol Ann became a couple in 2009. They joined forces to create Bombshell as Painted Photography Pin-Ups in May, 2010 with John as Photographic Artist, and Carol Ann fulfilling the role of Production Princess. Together, they create magic… you will know this when you meet them and step into their space. Getting Bombshelled is much more than photography. It’s much more than art. It’s an experience. It’s the final print. It’s electrical energy and buzz. It’s collaborating to bring alive your dreams of how you see yourself. It’s stepping into a fantasy role. Yes, it’s still you, but it’s more if that’s possible. It’s kicked up because all art should be. Not that you aren’t more as you are. But how does one take WHO YOU ARE mixed with HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF mixed with a little bit of HOW YOU WANT TO BE SEEN and bring all this to life in one single image? No worries. John knows how to do this!
It’s a story. It’s descriptive. It’s deep and moving and yet no words can describe it. You just have to see it for yourself and then you know. You understand. This is why so many girls cry when they see themselves on our big screen. Carol Ann feels the same way you do when she sees her images that John has created. It’s pretty mystical and magical and wonderful. Carol Ann also feels the goosebumps and sparkly tingles when she first sees YOUR images too! It’s all pretty wonderful.
The lovely Carol Ann envisioned every girl becoming a Bombshell Girl! Having “Bombshelled” over 400 girls, they have managed to get a good start on her dream!

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